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Antrag auf Kurzarbeitergeld (Kug) Translated

You need to fill out this form but have trouble understanding what goes where? We can help.

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The Antrag auf Kurzarbeitergeld (Kug) is a form from the Bundesagentur für Arbeit that you need to fill in in case you need or plan to reduce your regular working hours for a certain amount of time and want to apply for financial support. In order to facilitate filling this in for those who are not yet fully fluent in German, we decided to provide a rough translation of the form. Please note that this is not an official translation.

Application for short-time allowance (Kug) and reimbursemnt of social security (SV) contributions for Kug receivers
– Benefit Application –

View official document here


Please hand in as single copy at the Agentur für Arbeit, in whose district the payroll accounting department [Lohnabrechnungsstelle] lies (compare notice to the notification)

Stamm-Nr. Kug (compare notice to the notification)

Ableitungs-Nr. (compare notice to the notification)


Please fill in everything on the official form. It will not be printable otherwise!


Details on the applicant

Name and address of employer Address of the payroll accounting office (specify only if located differently than the business)

Details on the Kug and reimbursemnt of social security contributions

... Correction of benefit application
x Please mark with an x if something applies!

I/We apply for payment of the Kug [short-time work allowance] for the amounts shown in the attached settlement list(s) (form Kug 108) for the listed employees

... the company ... the operating division:...
Number of people working in this division
Number of short-time employees male female
Total planned remuneration
(section 4 on form Kug 108)
Total actual remuneration
(section 5 on form Kug 108)
Billing month:
Short-time work payment in the amount of:
Liquidated reimbursement of SV (deduction 100% of unemployment insurance) in the amount of:



  1. I/we confirm that the information given in the service application and in the billing list(s) is correct to the best of our knowledge and belief, careful examination and in compliance with the „Notes on the application procedure - Kug - Transfer-Kug“ and the „pamphlet on Kug“ were made. Employees who are not entitled to Kug, are not listed. Any subsequent payment amounts determined by the Agentur für Arbeit shall be sent without delay to the workers entitled to receive payments.
  1. I/We confirm that the loss of earnings claimed for the individual employees is solely due to is based on the reasons entitling the holder to Kug (economic reasons, unavoidable event - see „Leaflet on Kug“).
    The actual remuneration shown in column 5 of the attached payroll list(s) has been increased by amounts where necessary, by which the remuneration is reduced for reasons other than those entitling the employee to Kug's benefits (see „Notes on the application procedure“).
    The special regulations for Kug recipients who are affected by collective employment protection agreements were observed.
  1. ... I/We confirm that the amounts entered in column 10 of the attached list(s) have been actually and properly paid to the eligible workers.
    ... The amounts entered in column 10 have not yet been paid to the employees entitled. I undertake to pay the Kug immediately to the entitled employees; the payment will be confirmed by an additional collective receipt.
    The contributions to the SV of the receivers of the Kug have been paid correctly to the appropriate collection agency.
  1. In the attached list(s) there are
    employees who, to my/our knowledge, have applied for retirement pension, to whom this benefit is not yet awarded (information on the application procedure). Yes / No
    If yes: A specific list of the required information is attached.
  1. In the attached list(s) there are
    employees whose employment relationship has been terminated or dissolved by a termination agreement (see Kug fact sheet and information on the application procedure). Yes / No
    If yes: A special list with names and date of the notice of termination or the conclusion of the termination agreement is attached as an annex.
  1. 1 Are there any remaining usable holiday entitlements (§ 96, Subsection 4, No. 2, SGB III)? Yes / No
    If so: Were these brought in to avoid/reduce loss of working hours? Yes / No
  1. 2 Are there any remaining usable overtime entitlements (§ 96, Subsection 4, No. 2, SGB III)? Yes / No

    If so: Were these brought in to avoid/reduce loss of working hours? Yes / No

    Note: Temporary regulation: 01.03. - 31.12.2020: negative working hours do not have to be included.
  1. Request for waiver of the receipt (individual receipt) from the employees

    I/We request that I/we be allowed to pass the Kug to the entitled employees of my/our business without confirmation of receipt (individual receipt), because
    ... in my/our company the remuneration is usually also not paid in cash or without a receipt.
    ... at least 50 employees are employed in my/our company and that it is necessary to obtain confirmation of receipt by the entitled employees would involve considerable effort for the company.

    Declaration of commitment:
    I/We cofirm to reimburse the Agentur für Arbeit any amounts paid to a employee who disputes the payment of Kug by the employer, because it cannot be proven to her/him they received it due to the waiver of the individual receipt.
  1. Application for payment of the Kug / reimbursement of the liquidated SV before examination of the documents

    I/We request that, if possible, I/we transfer the Kug before the claim for benefits is reviewed by the Agentur für Arbeit on the basis of the working time and wage records of my/our company. I am/We are informed that in this case, Kug has been granted via a temporary decision (sec 328 para. 1 no. 3 SGB III).
    If and insofar as the review of the application for benefits on the basis of the working time and wage documents shows that Kug and the liquidated SV reimbursements were wrongly granted, the excess amounts received are to be refunded by me/us.

Do the findings of the Employment Agency indicate that criminally relevant aspects lead to overpayment of benefits, a criminal complaint will be filed with the public prosecutor's office.

Signature area
Left: This application is being supported (compare to statement on notification)
Signature of the works council
Middle: stamp of the company
Right: (Place, Date) Signature of the proprietor or their proxy

Last Updated: 01.04.2020

All information is without guarantee of correctness and completeness and does not represent tax or legal advice.

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